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Installing DotNetNuke® Version 4
Source Version

(This is not recommended for those new to DotNetNuke module development)

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The ADefWebserver DotNetNuke HELP WebSite


What You Need:

  • Visual Studio 2005 or Visual Studio 2008 (This will not work with Visual Web Developer Express)
  • Web Application Projects (WAP) for Visual Studio 2005 (download)
  • SQL Server Express
     (download) or SQL Server 2000/2005
  • The latest copy of the DotNetNuke
    "Source Version"
  • DotNetNuke WAP Template  (download)
NOTE: This is only recommended for those wishing to use the Web Application Projects (WAP) to develop DotNetNuke modules.

The source is bulky and not useful for module development because you don't want to develop a module on an installation that is not standard. 

Instead use one of these development environments:

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Setting-up the Development Environment on Windows Vista


Download DotNetNuke

Download the Source Version.
Create a directory on your hard drive. Do not put it under the wwwroot directory because it will most likely have permissions set that will make the installation difficult.
Unzip the files to the directory
Go into IIS server configuration
Right-Click on Default Web Site and select Virtual Directory
Create an Alias
Point to the website to the Website directory
On this screen check the boxes next to "Read", "Run scripts (such as ASP)", and "Execute". Then click Next.
In IIS, go into properties for the site you just created and click on the ASP.NET tab and insure that you set the site to run under ASP.NET 2.0.
In the Windows file manager, open the DotNetNuke.sln (or the DotNetNuke_VS2008.sln if you are using Visual Studio 2008) file (that is in the root of the directory of the files that you unzipped) in Notepad (or any text editor).
Change the web address to the web address that your site is configured for (you have to change it in two places for DotNetNuke.sln and only one place for DotNetNuke_VS2008.sln).

Save the file.

Double-click on the DotNetNuke.sln (or the DotNetNuke_VS2008.sln if you are using Visual Studio 2008) file to open the site in Visual Studio
The site will open up in Visual Studio
Delete the Web.Config file (there will not be a web.config if you are using DotNetNuke_VS2008.sln)
Rename release.config to web.config
From the menu bar, select Build then Build Solution
32 projects should build successfully
Go to the site in your web browser
The site sets up using the default settings that are set to use SQL Server Express.

Wait for the link to appear to access the portal when the installation is complete.

The installation is complete.


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