"Document Server root missing..."

help with "Document Server root missing..." in the past I would recommend going into your c:\winnt\frontpg.ini file and adding in 2 entries at the top (one for port 443 and one for port 80) for any domain you want to add because the normal windows FrontPage extensions Administrator (at: C:\Program Files\Microsoft FrontPage\version3.0\bin\fpsrvadm.exe) didn't allow you to add any FrontPage extensions to new or exiting webs that didn't already have extensions. It just gave the: "Document Server root missing..." error.

(because of a misconfiguration
(read: you have WebSite mappings that are incorrect like: domain.com has a /cgi-win/ that's pointing to a directory that doesn't exist!)) ok using the DOS FrontPage Administrator located at: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft FrontPage\version3.0\bin\fpsrvadm.exe" will do the trick everytime HOWEVER using the damn thing correctly is the hard part.

ok here goes: (save this one day you WILL need it)
1. run the
fpremadm.exe program

(when you upgrade the server extensions this file is always upgraded
(current version is 1706 (I'm writing this in Oct, 1998) you can right click on the file in file manager and look at PROPERTIES to double check)

2. hit 1. for INSTALL

3. hit 6. for
O'Reilly Server

4. NOW for the
"Enter Host name for Multi-hosting[]" type in the domain name (and only install FrontPage extensions on ONE domain if you have multiple domains going to the same place (i.e.. DON'T put FrontPage extensions on www.domain.com AND domain.com... just put them on domain.com).
5. Enter a username (case sensitive - make it short like Administrator (that's what the GUI Admin would default to) you will need this username and password to access the web later on using FrontPage client)
6. enter a password (case sensitive)

works everytime.