Q. How do Web Folders Work?

A. FrontPage Extensions (any version). If I put FrontPage extensions on ADefWebserver.com and make myself the Administrator and give myself a password (You HAVE to do that when putting FrontPage Extensions on a web - supply the Administrators username and password), then I can go to ANY computer connected to the Internet (and assuming my SERVER is connected to the Internet <G>) and create a Web Folder to : http://ADefWebserver.com . When I try to drag something TO that Folder, It send it TO the ADefWebserver Website after I enter my name and password (Whats really happing in the background is a HTTP (Port 80) "FTP-LIKE" file transfer takes place (By the way this is how FrontPage works, send files to and fro over HTTP (Few WebServer were advanced enough to do this that's why FrontPage was ORIGINALLY developed on WebSite NOT IIS).


Q. "I had FrontPage Extensions on a WebSite now I don't anymore, Is the security changed and will WebFolders work?"

A. This is a BIG one, FrontPage works by TALKING to WebSite. Meaning,

FrontPage does NOT have it's own security, The FrontPage program works WITH

WebSite security. For Example:

We use WSAUTH to put people into WebSite Security. Yet, I can also take people in and out of security using FrontPage. So, If you take the FrontPage Extensions off a WebSite, only FrontPage programs required security settings are erased, all other security settings stay, BUT Web Folders wont work, because the program that "answers" the "web folder request" wont be there if you uninstall the FrontPage Extensions.