1. In the root web, create a new folder, and rename it to what you want. Then convert the folder into a web (right click and choose Convert to Web on context menu). Click OK to the warning messages (the folder is empty so the warnings don't apply.)

2. The next step is to double-click the new web to open it in a new window. This may go as it should and will open the new web in a new window. If this happens, go to step 4. However, it is highly likely that your will get a FP error:

2a. "The server could not complete your request. Contact your..."  Clicking the Details button reveals the following: "501 Not Implemented: 501 Not Implemented Cannot do POST is supported via CGI/API programs only. with this URL /New_Folder/_vti_bin/_vti_aut/author.exe. Most likely, this was an attempt to execute a CGI program located in an area not configured to hold executable CGI programs. Please contact the server administrator at xxxxxxxx to correct the problem. Please save this error message." (Those are not typos: this is a paste from the error message.)
3. Click OK and then restart WSP. (Double-clicking the tray icon to open the properties sheet and then clicking OK will force the restart.)

4. Then open a window of Windows Explorer to the files/folders you want to import. Drag and drop the files/folders into the right pane of the new window displaying the new web that you are importing into. Do not worry about not grabbing the "_vti" folders. (See 4a)


4a. You will get error messages saying that web configuration information will be ignored. Just click OK. (It's FP ignoring the "_vti" directories and meta-information.)


5. The import process should go smoothly from there.

BTW, after I was done importing all the webs, I did a backup, made a copy of the WSP folders, and exported the Denny key. Nothing like a belt and suspenders plus a wrap of duct tape around your waist to make you feel secure...

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