With thanks to Michael Gardiner


for those of you who want ASP (Active Server Pages) and your WebSite 2.0 (Anyone running FrontPage2000 should have this because your customers are going to want to use the "nifty" Database connector in FrontPage and that requires YOU to have ASP on your NT server (all other Frontpage2000 "stuff DOES NOT need you to have ASP on your NT Server (All you need to do is install the FrontPage "extensions"):

- Using the NT 4 CD, install IIS2 (go into the i386 dir, the InetSrv subdir, and run Inetstp.exe). Do not install the ODBC drivers (it may give you a warning, but that's ok. More on this a little later).

- Once the install is done, verify IIS can be started and works. Using the Internet Service Manager, select the WWW service and view properties. Change the Port to 81 (or some other port) and save the change. Close the ISM.

- Check in User Manager, and verify your IUSR_machine user is in the list (you don't have to do anything with it).

- Run the ASP 1.0 install file (ASP.EXE). You may be warned the WWW or FTP service is running, and it will ask to stop them

- just click OK. Proceed with the install, but UNCHECK the option to install ODBC -

again, you may get a warning, but that's OK (more later). This time, the ASP installer should work fine (including the part when it assigns permissions to the IUSR_machine account).

- When it's done, start the Web Publishing Service, then go to http://localhost:81/aspsamp and verify the samples are working through IIS (they will still not work through WSP).

- Reboot for good measure.

- If your WebSite service started on boot, stop it.

- Run the WSP ASP installer (website21-asp.exe). This is fairly straightforward, though make sure on the last screen you Uncheck the box in the lower left corner that says "Return to WSP installer", otherwise you'll get an error that "autorun.exe" could not be found.

- At this point, you should be able to run ASP through WSP, however, the only dirs initially set to run ASP scripts are the docs and sample dirs (as mentioned in the last bit of the WSP-ASP installer), so you'll be prompted for user and password to get in them.

- To add your own ASP-active directories, create a mapping to the dir on the WSP mapping tab and check the "ASP application root" directory and click Add. Then on the Access Control tab, add an entry for that dir mapping and check the box for "Run in NT User Contexts". Save the changes, and once the update takes place, that dir should be able to run ASP!

NOW - How do I get ASP scripts to run?