Here you can select one or more fields to sort the results by.

In this example we have selected the "Timestamp" field.

The next page of the Wizard allows you to further format the display of the results.

If you have a lot of records in your database, it is easier to display them in groups of 5 or 10 or 25.

In our example we have chosen to display the records in groups of 5.

Click finish on the Wizard, and the Wizard will generate this in the EDIT window.

Now we are ready to test the page. After saving the page (under the same name: Index.asp), bring up the page in your browser using the "http://" address that a person would normally use to bring the page up.

For example, if the page is at: "" then point your browser to: "" and input some sample data.


After you enter the sample data, notice how FrontPage generates a default "CONFIRMATION" page. you can indicate your own "CNFIRMATION" page in the FORM PROPERTIES.

A link on the confirmation page will send us back to the "Index.asp" page.

Notice the information we just entered appears on the bottom of the page.


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