Ok now watch how I do this while NOT trampling on Bob's hard earned copywrite :) On or about *the beginning* of line 80 in detail.asp I have this code:


 <!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" startspan --> <form><BR> <input type="image" name="button" src="images/produc.gif" alt="Click Here To Zoom" onclick="open_zoomwindow()" border="0"> <input type="hidden" name="PRODUCT_ID" value="<%= RS("PRODUCT_ID") %>"> </form> <!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan -->


I want to convey a few points: 1. Note the "...webbot bot="HTMLMarkup..."" start and end tags, this makes your code additions WORK (otherwise they WILL be reformated by FrontPage) 2. In this case I have a BUTTON that when clicked opens up a java zoom window. It is javascript and I trigger it with the "onclick="open_zoomwindow()"" statement, and I submit the PRODUCT_ID the person is viewing (so my zoom program (that I BOUGHT and paid $500 for :) can know what product to show the zoom for (I do this using the "hidden" form field: "name="PRODUCT_ID" value="<%= RS("PRODUCT_ID") %>" However I could have just as easily put:


 ***************************************************************** "<A HREF "<A href="http://MyZoomServerURL/myzoompage.asp?PRODUCT_ID=<% RS("PRODUCT_ID") %>">click here to zoom</A>" *****************************************************************


 (also note: "<%= RS("PRODUCT_ID") %>" is Bob's VARIABLE. If you find yourself adding a field to arrive at the same conclusion you're doing it wrong! Bob opens and closes your database connections and your memory management and hundreds of other things you DON'T want to have to do if you can avoid it, I mean that's why you paid $195 right?) 3. So the answer to your question (with the information I have) is place a link to the place you want to show more detail in the detail.asp at or about the beginning of line 80 surrounded by the FP Bot tags. Use the "<%= RS("PRODUCT_ID") %>" code to pass the PRODUCT_ID variable along because you're gonna want to know WHAT product the detail is for. 4. I am assuming you want to use StoreFront in the "dynamic" mode, otherwise you can hardcode your detail links by simply opening up the page and inserting each link. 5. As far as the "custom computer configurator script", open up search.asp, all the code you need to query the storefront.mdb database for "only show me possibilities - now let the person choose - now show them the results" is right there otherwise you have to pay a programmer (right click on it in FrontPage and use Notepad.exe to view it),

Hope this helps Michael Washington <Webmaster@ADefWebserver.com>