How to make a state a default on the Order page

On or about line 422 in order.asp (below a line that says: “%>” and above a line that says: “</select></td>” insert a line that says:

<option selected value=CA>Califonia</option>

this is assuming that you want to make the “Great state of California” your default. Otherwise insert your own idea of a “default” state and the proper two character state abreviation.

NOTE: in the “value” section use the proper 2 character state abreviation! StoreFront actually uses the abreviation NOT the actual name of the state, that is only for disply purposes, it actually only stores the two state abbreviation!

Note, in the above example, California will appear TWICE in the list. You might be tempted to take the entry for California out of the database BUT DON’T DO THIS IT WILL SCREW UP the order process. It is fine for it to appear twice (people like me hit the letter “C” on the keyboard to get to “California” and the two entries allow us to still do that).