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Creating a


DotNetNuke Module
For absolute beginners! (For DotNetNuke Version 4.3.1 or higher)

in VB.NET and C#

To use this tutorial you need:

  1. Visual Studio Express (download)
  2. SQL Server Express (download)
  3. DotNetNuke (download)
(this tutorial was made for version 4.3.1 or higher)

Tutorial Series:

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Download the complete module:
VB.NET Version
C# Version


This tutorial will show you how to create a DotNetNuke module using the "ExecuteSQL" method of the DAL+ which is an extended feature set of the DotNetNuke Data Access Layer (DAL).



1. Install Visual Studio Express if you haven't already done so. (download)

2. Install SQL Server Express if you haven't already done so. (download)

3. Follow one of the the options below to install DotNetNuke and to create a DotNetNuke Website:

4. In Visual Studio, select "Build" then "Build Solution". You must be able to build it without errors before you continue.


Are you Ready to Create the Module?

You must have a DotNetNuke 4 website up and running to continue. If you do not you can use this link and this link to find help.

DotNetNuke is constantly changing as it evolves so the best way to get up-to-date help and information is to use the DotNetNuke message board.

I am sorry I will not be able to respond to individual requests for help on set-up issues. I will be able to help on issues related to the module this tutorial covers.


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