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"Josie's secret weapon is cinematographer Matthew Libatique (Requiem For a Dream), who favors the kind of hyperactive color schemes generally associated with fashion layouts in hip magazines. This guy has a real eye for the medium, and his often grainy shooting style lends the film a sexy DIY look that complements the tunes perfectly. He also makes the girls look terrific, if vaguely otherworldly, like they've just stepped out of a Bebe poster. (The short-cropped Cook in particular is given a delicious sheen.)"



"...Even the visual approach is combative: cinematographer Matthew Libatique, who previously served on Requiem for a Dream, lends a grunge gleam to the ad-saturated sets; a sing-along in a hair salon looks like an outtake from The Game..."

"..hot whites and smooth close-ups are pure Libatique..."

"...Technically, the film is first rate featuring trippy camera tricks by Matthew Libatique..." http://www.reelingreviews.com/josieandthepussycats.htm