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Matthew Libatique "Best Cinematography" for “Black Swan”


The Fountain

Every shot in the film (courtesy of regular Aronofsky cinematographer Matthew Libatique) looks grand, yet never loses the focus of it's two leads


Cinematographer Matthew "Requiem for a Dream" Libatique's dark, moody cinematography fits right into the pantheon of films that rely on style for scares and tension.

Movie Image

A great deal of the credit goes to editor Mark Stevens and cinematographer Matthew Libatique, both of whom also worked with Schumacher on "Tigerland." Libatique, whose images here are stunning, also lent his considerable talents to director Darren Aronofsky's brilliantly conceived and photographed "Requiem for a Dream."

"Josie's secret weapon is cinematographer Matthew Libatique... ...who favors the kind of hyperactive color schemes generally associated with fashion layouts in hip magazines...

director of photography Matthew Libatique, uses his handheld 16mm camera almost exclusively throughout the movie, using it to heighten the sense of tension and frustration

Matthew Libatique, entrances the eye and mind of the filmgoer by its use of "subjective filmmaking."


"...The visuals are stunning - beautiful and torturous at the same time. This is easily one of the best films this year..."

Matt working on PI